Camille-Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

This is my little girl, who very rarely lets me take her photograph. It's such a bummer for lots of reasons. The first reason being that she is soooo photogenic. And then there's the fact that I'm a childrens' photographer, argh.....very painful. But the other day we went to the beach for a little while before dinner and I got her to twirl, which may be my new secret totally loosened her up and she smiled and smiled for me. Woo hoo!!

Landis-Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

I am sooo psyched to have gotten this photo, you'd think it'd be easy to get an image like this of a three year old little boy, right?! Not true! First you have to work through their excitement about being at the beach, then there's the bribery to get them to lie on their tummies, then you have to mitigate the sand throwing and  hand-fidgety-ness. once that's taken care of, you have to work on relaxing their face so you don't get that cheasy smile. by that time they're playing with the sand again, ha! needless to say i am so happy to have this. i want to print it 20x30 and hang it in my living room and it's not even my kid! 

Levi-Newborn Photographers in Orange County

Here are a few of the images I got of Levi, Jenn's baby boy.  He was about 10 days old here. The expressions he's making are the cutest, don't you think? I'll post more of the serious photographs too, because there are some beautiful ones.

This collage of a square of four images screamed out at me to be put together. Looking at it now, I'd like to do a 16-square collage: 4 rows of 4 squares showing his changing expressions at birth, 4 months, 8 months and a year....



The Leonti's Newest....Laguna Beach Pregnancy Portraits

 i'm a bit late with these images of Jennifer's pregnancy photographs. I think Jen was about 36 weeks pregnant here...Levi's about 2 weeks old now, ack! I'll post some of Levi's newborn images next...stay tuned!

I think 36 weeks pregnant is the perfect time for maternity portraits, b/c mom's tummy is big, but not huge, and the mom-to-be isn't miserable yet. I personally hated being pregnant, so no time was the best time for photos of me, ha! Jen looks amazing, don't' you think?

We met at the Jeffrey Open Space Trail for this session, the last time I photographed these guys, we went to the beach, so this was a nice contrast. This meadow-y spot is one of my new favorite spots for sessions. 


Headshot Event Photographs

Here are several of my favorite images from the headshot event i hosted with the Smart Girl Network a few weeks ago. I'm excited to host more of these sessions! If you'd like to update your business portrait, contact Christine Walton via email: or call her at (630) 842-3518