Promotional Shots - Orange County Studio photography by Gillian Crane

I'm realizing that I really like the whole studio thing. If I could just convince my husband to let me tear out the wall between the garage and the courtyard and put in two pairs of french doors, and then switch out the garage door for something more civilized, I'd be set. Someday soon, I hope...

Anyway, I've been working with this fabulous Dr. Jennifer Johnson, who specializes in adolescent medicine in Newport Beach, and we took some shots of my kids with her teenager, suggesting how frustrating it is for teenagers to be seen by a little kid doctor. Had to morph two photos together to get them all in the same shot, but could you even tell? So fun, and I love the white paper background.

promotional images from a recent studio shoot for a client, Orange County commercial photography by Gillian Crane

Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.