Doubletree Hotel Interior Architecture Photography-Orange County Architectural Photographers

When I first got into photography as a career, everybody said I should go into Architectural Photography, but I thought it'd be boring and too technical for me...but it's pretty cool. One of my best friends from college is an associate at Stonehill Taylor Architects in NYC, and she and I flew to Charlotte to photograph the Doubletree Hotel there, she designed the interior remodel. It was so fun, the styling mostly. And I do like that architectural photography is kind of like a puzzle, very similar to architecture in general, figuring out the composition so you don't show too much carpet or ceiling, tweaking the angle so the walls are straight, it's harder than it looks. In fact, I got some tutoring from an architectural photographer at OCC and afterwards I thought "forget it, this is too much!". I can't see myself renting a cherry picker, hosing down blocks of asphalt, turning all the lights on, and all the other stuff required to get the perfect exterior shot, so for now, I'll stick to interiors. And the editing, OY! It's days and days of merging exposures and other tedious photoshop work, but when it's all said and done, the photos look so good, it's worth it!