No poopin' in the pool!!! candid kids photos by Orange County photographer Gillian Crane

This is such a hoot, here are some very candid photos of Hayden getting a little bit too comfortable in the pool. I let daddy clean up that mess! Ha! Not many things gross me out now that I have 3 kids, but poop in the pool is a bit much for me. Thank god Michael is a  "hands-on" dad, ha ha! Gross. I don't remember reading about that in the parenting guides.  Luckily she'll have photos of this in her trousseau to show her future family "and here i am pooping in the pool..."

And that's my fabulous crusty gate in the background, I found that on the side of the road, it was so heavy that I kept it on the top of the car for a week before I got it down. Friends laugh at me when they see me pull up to the preschool drop off w/ random bits of crusty furniture tied to the top of the car, "...good lord, gillian's been dumpster diving again..." but who could deny how worth it this gate is?! i'll have to do a post on all the things i've found on the side of the road....

hanging out by the pool - family photos by Orange County photographer Gillian Crane

Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.