Happy Valentine's Day! Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

I volunteered to take the Valentine's photos for my son Mack's first grade class at Top of the World Elementary School in town, and I had this vision that turned into a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to paint a board black w/ chalkboard paint and I thought the kids could write their names on it or draw hearts, etc. and then they'd stand in front of it holding festive, valentine-y items. Well, I had to buy a board that I could carry, and the only thing at Home Depot that seemed light enough was 3/8" plywood. That was mistake number 1, b/c the grain of the plywood showed thru the paint. And then the kids weren't dressed in valentiney clothes, so I couldn't decide how to deal w/ that. Finally it dawned on me that I could minimize the ugly plywood grain by making the photos black and white and just making the x's and o's red. Selective color hasn't been my thing, but i think in this instance, it works. It took me forever to trace the outline between red and black, ugh. I'm sure Mrs. Mattson thinks I'm nuts b/c I turned this simple little photo shoot into my life's work, ha! To further complicate matters, I edited 4 or 5 photos of each kid, ha!! Oh well, live and learn.