The Trebas Family-Laguna Beach, Orange County Extended Family Portraits

Here are a few of my favorite images from my session with the Trebas family....all the kids were home for the holidays. The tide was super low, that's how I was able to get all that green seaweed-y stuff in the photographs (you'd think I'd know what you call that stuff, I've lived here for forever!) You only get that in the photos when it's low tide. Their colors work, don't you think? I love the pattern and texture, it adds interest to the images.gillian-crane-laguna-beach-orange-county-extended-family-portraits

Another day in paradise-Orange County Family Portraits

A few photos of Scott, Corie, and Trinity, they look so great!! the wind was blowing just a little bit that day, it made for some nice photos. the wind is so tricky down there, sometimes people look like drowned rats, ha! we lucked out...cute how trinity was so grossed out when her dad tried to kiss her-teenagers....gillian-crane-photography-family-portraits-at-the-beach