Corporate Headshots for LinkedIn

This is Rachel, doesn't she look uh-mazing?! She chose the location for your headshots, it's so fun! Who wants a boring headshot, anyway? This is that blue tile wall in Laguna Beach by the Sawdust Festival, and when the subject stands a ways in front of the wall, I can blur it more. I love the colors she wore, too! She's in sales, and is so fun and charismatic, I think the photos show that, don't you? gillian-crane-orange-county-linkedin-headshot-photographers

Christine-Laguna Beach Artist Headshots

I took a few photos of Christine Fugate, my writer slash movie maker friend who lives up the street....her hair's growing in curly after her cancer treatments. What a year she's had, but she's back to work at the Laguna Beach Independent, with a writing workshop, she's a pretty neat lady, I'm so glad to know her.