Landis-Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

I am sooo psyched to have gotten this photo, you'd think it'd be easy to get an image like this of a three year old little boy, right?! Not true! First you have to work through their excitement about being at the beach, then there's the bribery to get them to lie on their tummies, then you have to mitigate the sand throwing and  hand-fidgety-ness. once that's taken care of, you have to work on relaxing their face so you don't get that cheasy smile. by that time they're playing with the sand again, ha! needless to say i am so happy to have this. i want to print it 20x30 and hang it in my living room and it's not even my kid! 

The Nitoglias-Laguna Beach Family Portraits

I met Julia because she had twins too, they're almost two now, and when you put them down, they take off at 100 miles/hour in opposite directions! I don't miss that stage, but they sure are cute! Darling daughters too who are so good w/ the boys. Here are a few photos from our session and scroll down to look at their holiday cards....

Isabel-Orange County Newborn Photographers

A few photos of Isabel, Heather and Ozzie's brand new little love. She's so beautiful, isn't she?! I worked with these guys years ago at LPA, Heather's an Interior Designer and Ozzie's an architect. It's scary working with people who "get it", it really puts the pressure on...they really know what's good, ack! I shot their engagement photos and their wedding too! It's nice to work with families again and again, it's like being part of the family......

Celebrating Josselyn-Newport Beach Event Photographer

Jennifer and David are expecting their third child in a few weeks and they hosted the most beautiful shower to celebrate. The decorations were fabulous as were all the different cupcakes, candies, etc. Ashley O'Keefe planned and designed the shower as well as Giselle's 5th birthday party a few months ago, which was another spectacular event. So impressive!

Isla-Coming Home-Laguna Beach Newborn Photos by Gillian Crane

This is Isla, just one week old. Her family was passing through Laguna on their way home to northern California. She was the most precious little thing ever, I could have squeezed her all day long. I'm really into photographing newborns these days. It's surprising to me, because you have to maintain a sleepy and quiet atmosphere for a successful session, which is so not me. it must be subconsciously therapeutic.

About a third of the photos from the shoot are in the slideshow, to give you an idea of what to expect from a session, scroll down for a few of my favorite photos...

Ruby - Laguna Beach Family Photographer

Our poor English Bulldog Ruby, she's 8 1/2 and I don't think she's going to be with us much's so sad. She was having seizures, so we took her to a poochie neurologist, who guessed it was a brain tumor (we opted out of the $4,000 MRI, so we don't know for sure). They put her on phenobarbital and prednisone (hence the chubbiness in the photos, she always battled her weight, ha) and she was doing really well. Until yesterday. The seizures are back, and they're getting worse and more frequent. The shaved parts of her paws are from the IVs she had when she first went to the doggie hospital for monitoring. We're hoping we can up her dose of the meds, but it doesn't look like she'll be with us much longer. She was my first dog, I always wanted a bulldog, and she's been such a great part of our family. We got her when she was so little that she could barely walk through the grass. We're sure going to miss her. And the babies just learned how to say her name...

American boy - child portraits by Orange County photographer Gillian Crane

Happy Independence Day! We spent the day hanging out by the plastic pool (ha ha) and snuggling. Here are some photos of my son Mack (check out those lips, he scored in the lip department, huh?!). That's my crusty wooden gate I found on the side of the road, love that gate...

portraits of an American boy - kids' candid photography by Gillian Crane, Orange County photographer

Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.