The Duensings-Orange County Children's Photographers

Had a mini shoot w/ Kim Duensing and her kids the other day, she's going to surprise her husband with photos for Father's Day. The perfect gift, if you ask me! the wildflowers are still in bloom, amazingly, and we got a ton of great shots, it's easy to do with such beautiful kids.

Chloe-Orange County Family Photographers

Here are a few photos of Chloe, who's just turning one. She wanted nothing to do with the angel wings, but I got a few cute photos before she ripped them off. It was the same story with every hat we tried to put on her, oh well, my babies were the same way. Here are her newborn photos, she and her sister Maddie look so much alike, precious little loves!

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini - Orange County Baby Photographer

FINALLY designed the babies birth announcement! It only took me 8 months, ha ha! The problem was getting the perfect photo for the inside of the card. Twins are hard like that. But it was worth the wait!

So the black and white photos are the outside of the card (it'll be a 5x7 folded card, so the front is on the right and the back is on the left and the vertical line down the middle is the fold).

The color photo will be one big photo on the inside of the card, spread across the crease. I'm going to print a zillion of them and bring them to everyone w/ round yellow and white frosted sugar cookies! So festive! Such a relief to have this done! And before Christmas!

Sidenote: My mom sewed the bathing suits!



Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.

natalia and audrey, baby photography by Gillian Crane

Ursula would tell you that she crawled across the finish line of this pregnancy, but she made it 37 weeks with 13 pounds of baby in her tummy. Pretty cool and they couldn't be any cuter!


Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.

mark, robin and benjamin - laguna beach family photographer

this little baby smiled the whole time, i never would have thought a shoot with a 6 month old would be so easy! i did drop my camera into my props bag (why? why did i do that?!) and broke it - the mirror popped off. thank goodness i always bring two to a shoot. at least i didn't drop the new camera, but i digress...another fabulously chubby baby, i just wanted to eat him up! precious little love. glube1