a sweet life documented, family photography by Gillian Crane

Mack's learning how to play "hocksotch"......no....."hopsotch"...... no......"hopsich"......not sure exactly what he calls it. It's so cool to watch him dance across the squares, his skinny little arms and legs flapping and fluttering in excitement. my little hummingbird. These pictures don't do the dance justice, I need to get the video camera out. He's sleeping in those pajamas now, all dirty and dusty with chalk and asphalt.  I had to bribe him for a little eye contact, so worth it...... it really is a sweet life.


Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.

Randy Barnett, portraits by Gillian Crane

One of my best friends from college. We've known each other for 22 years. I realized I've never taken his picture before. Well, in college I'd take pictures of his legs to mess with him, he's got skinny little legs with very little hair on them (ha ha! he's going to laugh when he reads this). He used to have a complex about it, but now that he's older, he's not so worried about trivialities.  After all there are more important things to worry about - the economy is a mess, he's 47 and single...AND HE SPLIT HIS LIP AND HAD TO HAVE 5 STITCHES!!! when i first saw it i said "OMG that's 5 stitches? it looks more like 20!!!....uh, it's not that bad...really...you look fine..." Actually, i think it makes him look sexy.


Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.

new headshots for lisi - laguna beach headshot photographer

This hot mama/author has a new book series coming out and she was going to tell me all about it at our photo shoot...but i realized later that it never came up! funny b/c we talked nonstop the whole time - several subjects going at once - 100 miles an hour! so fun! what does that tell you about this woman?! The most unassuming, down to earth famous person you'll ever meet. I'll ever meet. and isn't her skin just "dewey"?! it's not fair. she chose the 4th photo for the author photo, but i loved this concrete wall and wanted to put some graffiti-like text against it.

check out the fabulous background in these photos! it's crystal cove beach in laguna beach, it was a cloudy day, i lucked out. we were going to start off our shoot w/ a mojito at the beachcomber http://www.thebeachcombercafe.com/_crystalcove/index.aspx , but life got in the way and there was no time.

lisi hates having her picture taken, would you ever have guessed?