William McMurray Fundraiser-Orange County Event Photographers

Some photos from the fundraiser yesterday for William McMurray, the 11 year old son of Sabrina and Michael, who own the Penguin Cafe in Laguna. If you'd like to purchase any of the photos, all proceeds will go to the McMurrays. I have more....this is just a snippet, so email me if you're looking for photos of your kids!

One of My Favorite Holiday Card Designs-Orange County Photographers

I was looking for a family with all-girl kids for this card to work, and I found one! This is a horizontally-oriented, folded holiday card. I love it!   I took my kids to this brick wall for a "concert", but it's not quite perfection with one little boy...here's that slideshow, notice how the photos are sync'd to the song, that's Pro Show Gold, love that program. We Are Family

Chloe-Orange County Family Photographers

Here are a few photos of Chloe, who's just turning one. She wanted nothing to do with the angel wings, but I got a few cute photos before she ripped them off. It was the same story with every hat we tried to put on her, oh well, my babies were the same way. Here are her newborn photos, she and her sister Maddie look so much alike, precious little loves!

Family Photos at the Beach - Orange County Photographer

Another day in paradise here in beautiful Laguna Beach! We had a portrait party, where a bunch of families have mini photo shoots back to back. They had a picnic, and the kids got to run around, it was very festive....



Photographs shot on location in Laguna Beach, Orange County, California by Gillian Crane.