Laguna Beach Parents Club Easter Egg Hunt

This was the coolest party, I can't even believe it! There was a taco truck, a keg of great beer, and Tommy Benson and a friend playing guitar! And easter eggs, of course. And a few crying kids, ack! Next year, I'm gonna remember to bring the basket of easter eggs to throw behind us as we search to make sure nobody gets left out...

Happy Valentine's Day! Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

I volunteered to take the Valentine's photos for my son Mack's first grade class at Top of the World Elementary School in town, and I had this vision that turned into a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to paint a board black w/ chalkboard paint and I thought the kids could write their names on it or draw hearts, etc. and then they'd stand in front of it holding festive, valentine-y items. Well, I had to buy a board that I could carry, and the only thing at Home Depot that seemed light enough was 3/8" plywood. That was mistake number 1, b/c the grain of the plywood showed thru the paint. And then the kids weren't dressed in valentiney clothes, so I couldn't decide how to deal w/ that. Finally it dawned on me that I could minimize the ugly plywood grain by making the photos black and white and just making the x's and o's red. Selective color hasn't been my thing, but i think in this instance, it works. It took me forever to trace the outline between red and black, ugh. I'm sure Mrs. Mattson thinks I'm nuts b/c I turned this simple little photo shoot into my life's work, ha! To further complicate matters, I edited 4 or 5 photos of each kid, ha!! Oh well, live and learn.

The Duensings-Orange County Children's Photographers

Had a mini shoot w/ Kim Duensing and her kids the other day, she's going to surprise her husband with photos for Father's Day. The perfect gift, if you ask me! the wildflowers are still in bloom, amazingly, and we got a ton of great shots, it's easy to do with such beautiful kids.

Hayden and Camille-Laguna Beach Photographers

The kids gave me 5 minutes the other day to take their picture, Mackie is such a big boy now, he really didn't want to put the angel wings on. My little boy's growing up. I'll have to figure out something "cool" for his Valentine's cards, but that's another story....for now here are a few cute ones of my sweet girls. I have to catch myself from calling them my "babies", they're not babies anymore, kind of sad, but it is so great to watch them change.....

Ava's 4th Birthday-Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

Hayden and Camille went were invited to their first princess party ever! It was Ava Guziak's 4th birthday, and everyone dressed up as a princess, so precious! ! There was a magician, a REAL princess who could make cool balloon animals, and a fabulous face painter! Here's a slideshow of the photos....Happy Birthday Ava!!! Email me if you're a mom wanting any of the photos....

Skater Dudes-Laguna Beach Children's Photographer

A few of my favorite photos from our trip to the skate park with the Parduns last weekend. Apparently everybody has to wear a helmet to go inside, check out Erika's! Such a hoot! The boys stared in awed silence for most of our visit, but they did venture out on their butts for awhile. Note, I haven't had much time to spend on these photos, none are edited "to perfection"....

Laguna Beach Parents Club-5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

We went to the parents' club Easter Egg hunt yesterday, so fun!

Parents, here's a link to the rest of the photos, email me if you want the files.

Easter Egg Hunt

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