Happy Valentine's Day-Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

Here are a TON of great photos of Hayden from yesterday....we're working on her Valentine's for The Montessori. She's already got the cheasy smile thing going, so it took awhile, but it was worth it. My precious little love....Mack's too big for photo valentines, wah...Gillian-Crane-Orange-County-Childrens-Photographers

The Abbott Family-Laguna Beach Family Portraits

A few of my favorite images from my session with Sterling, Chris and Rhoades. We went to Moulton Meadows park for most of these. I LOVE the family photos, their ensembles really blended well together, huh? I like it when clients coordinate the colors of their ensembles, it's more interesting to me than the matchy-matchy thing.

The Nedelman Family-Laguna Beach Family Portraits

I LOVE these photos, their ensembles were sooo fabulous, the orange plaid shirt w/ a tan corduroy blazer-love it! and sarah's sweater was perfection! The color and texture really added interest to the photos! It was really fun bringing the couch into the backyard too!


Isla-Coming Home-Laguna Beach Newborn Photos by Gillian Crane

This is Isla, just one week old. Her family was passing through Laguna on their way home to northern California. She was the most precious little thing ever, I could have squeezed her all day long. I'm really into photographing newborns these days. It's surprising to me, because you have to maintain a sleepy and quiet atmosphere for a successful session, which is so not me. it must be subconsciously therapeutic.

About a third of the photos from the shoot are in the slideshow, to give you an idea of what to expect from a session, scroll down for a few of my favorite photos...

Valentines-Laguna Beach Family Photographer

A few of the photos I shot of my friend Christine and her daughters. I designed a Valentine and photo collage for them to give to their dad as a surprise.

After reading Christine's article on Valentine's day for the Laguna Beach Independent, I realized I take being able to give fabulous greeting cards for granted. But it really is a big deal, being able to design them myself, and I'm so glad I don't have to settle for the Sponge Bob ones at Target...


Gillian - images taken by me in my studio in Laguna Beach