The Trebas Family-Laguna Beach, Orange County Extended Family Portraits

Here are a few of my favorite images from my session with the Trebas family....all the kids were home for the holidays. The tide was super low, that's how I was able to get all that green seaweed-y stuff in the photographs (you'd think I'd know what you call that stuff, I've lived here for forever!) You only get that in the photos when it's low tide. Their colors work, don't you think? I love the pattern and texture, it adds interest to the images.gillian-crane-laguna-beach-orange-county-extended-family-portraits

Before and After Headswaps in Photoshop-Laguna Beach Photographers

This head swap took me forever, but it looks sooo good, makes it all worth it. I switched 7 out of 12 heads on this one, it's hard w/ really little kids. That's the best shot I had of the youngest little boy, he was so done at this point, ha! This is the Murray extended family, my daughters go to school with Callum, the little one on daddy's shoulders.

Valentines-Laguna Beach Family Photographer

A few of the photos I shot of my friend Christine and her daughters. I designed a Valentine and photo collage for them to give to their dad as a surprise.

After reading Christine's article on Valentine's day for the Laguna Beach Independent, I realized I take being able to give fabulous greeting cards for granted. But it really is a big deal, being able to design them myself, and I'm so glad I don't have to settle for the Sponge Bob ones at Target...


Gillian - images taken by me in my studio in Laguna Beach