The Trebas Family-Laguna Beach, Orange County Extended Family Portraits

Here are a few of my favorite images from my session with the Trebas family....all the kids were home for the holidays. The tide was super low, that's how I was able to get all that green seaweed-y stuff in the photographs (you'd think I'd know what you call that stuff, I've lived here for forever!) You only get that in the photos when it's low tide. Their colors work, don't you think? I love the pattern and texture, it adds interest to the images.gillian-crane-laguna-beach-orange-county-extended-family-portraits

Happy Valentine's Day! Laguna Beach Children's Photographers

I volunteered to take the Valentine's photos for my son Mack's first grade class at Top of the World Elementary School in town, and I had this vision that turned into a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to paint a board black w/ chalkboard paint and I thought the kids could write their names on it or draw hearts, etc. and then they'd stand in front of it holding festive, valentine-y items. Well, I had to buy a board that I could carry, and the only thing at Home Depot that seemed light enough was 3/8" plywood. That was mistake number 1, b/c the grain of the plywood showed thru the paint. And then the kids weren't dressed in valentiney clothes, so I couldn't decide how to deal w/ that. Finally it dawned on me that I could minimize the ugly plywood grain by making the photos black and white and just making the x's and o's red. Selective color hasn't been my thing, but i think in this instance, it works. It took me forever to trace the outline between red and black, ugh. I'm sure Mrs. Mattson thinks I'm nuts b/c I turned this simple little photo shoot into my life's work, ha! To further complicate matters, I edited 4 or 5 photos of each kid, ha!! Oh well, live and learn.