Maddie and Chloe - newborn portraits by Orange County photographer Gillian Crane

Maddie's new little sister Chloe, who was about 6 weeks old when we shot these photos. She was so chill, and her sister is such the cover girl, aren't her eyes amazing! Their mom Cari had that fabulous headboard made, I'm dying to have one, it's so great in photos! In my perfect world, every wall/piece of furniture in my house (and the yard), would be something that makes a great photo backdrop. 

infant and child portraits by Gillian Crane Photography, taken in Orange County, CA, summer of 2010

Photographs shot on location in Palos Verdes Estates, California by Gillian Crane.

In Full Tilt - Orange County family photography by Gillian Crane

The holiday photo rush is in full tilt.

These kids inherited their model mom's good looks and they're so comfortable in front of the camera!  I'll probably switch out the youngest's head in this first photo, but I'm tired and you get the idea...


Photographs shot on location in Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles, California by Gillian Crane.